The Coop Times

Linebreak Collective’s first official project is a browser game where you play as a journalist, racing a deadline to deliver stories to the esteemed newspaper, The Coop Times. Let the deadline overtake your writing? You’re fired! No exceptions, no excuses.

All stories written in the game are published automatically to an online archive of The Coop Times under the name you provide at the beginning of the game, but feel free to use a fake one!

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Artist's Statement


In this game I was trying to combine creative writing with arcade styled gameplay, so that writing a finished piece was kind of like beating a level. I also wanted to make a game that would crowdsource contributions to an online anthology of weird stories in a fun way. I'm hoping the online archive will grow and collect more voices as it goes on.


It was originally made for a 72 hour game jam and slowly polished. Why the 1950's theme? I just really wanted to put involve a typewriter, honestly, and things flowed from there.

The Team

Adam Carr
One Man Band

I did just about everything on this one, with some prompts contributed by Jola Pez and Matt Carr. Thanks guys!