Linebreak Collective is a new movement of artists exploring the written word in digital spaces.


We combine the power of code with the many forms of writing to bend traditions and break rules, all in the name of experimentation. We aim to build a community around collaboration, getting artists with diverse skillsets and voices together to make stuff we hope will be innovative, unique and just plain cool.


We’re currently operating out a place called ‘The Coop’ right in the heart of Wollongong CBD. The Coop holds workshop events designed to teach the everyday artist how to use the digital world as their canvas, as well as running events just for fun: movie nights, game jams, inspiration sessions showcasing other digital/lit works from creators all around the world.

The Coop

The Coop

Reclaimed from pigeons and filled with couches, coffee and beer, The Coop is now a comfortable project powerhouse.

Our Ambition


To explore the creative possibilities offered by combining traditional forms of literature with computational power.

Linebreak Collective exists to experiment playfully with words, challenge art forms and break rules, in the aim of creating something new and weird. Be it wonderfully innovative art or a glitchy broken mess of a project, if it pushes conventional expectations it does its job.


To teach artists what is possible to create in the digital age, and give them the power to do it.

Digital devices crowd our everyday lives. Imagine if every iPad you see, every phone, every laptop screen, every single open browser that crosses your vision could be a canvas for your art? Linebreak Collective is here to show you how to turn that vision into a reality.


The Coop is situated in The Crown Central Chambers, smack bang in the middle of Wollongong’s CBD. Enter by the stairway between Wasabi Wollongong and Abode Interior & Design, or by the fire escape beside The Hideaway Cafe. We’re on the mid level (floor 2.5?), just around the corner from Milk Thieves and down the hall. If the signs for Chaplin Arts are still up, follow those. I’ll try to get my own signs done soon.


Between the building’s broken-down charm and the number of artistic and indie ventures springing up within its walls, it’s the perfect place for The Coop to carry out its weird drunken projects.

Opening Hours


11am - 6pm


11am - 6pm


11am - 6pm


Closed except for events and workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by the written word in digital spaces?

Our primary question is: how can we transform traditional forms and ideas about writing, by combining them with computational thinking? In other words, what can we do to writing algorithmically? What can we do with writing if we choose to see it as simply data: each letter, each word, a different type of data? How can we mess with that data, how can we share it? How can we make people generate data for us to manipulate in weird and interesting ways?


If it sounds vague and open-ended, it’s intentionally so. We want to keep the scope of these experiments as broad as possible. For some examples, check out our projects page and the highlight projects on our blog, updated weekly.

How will it all operate though?

I’m pretty fast and loose in my approach to running this place.


The Coop will be facilitating multiple projects at any one time, purely because we’ll be working with different artists with different schedules, so projects will just progress at the rate the active members are able to progress them. To see what projects are currently active or in planning, hit the projects page.


Events and workshops will be held as frequently as we can plan for them with the limited resources we have. See the events page for what’s on our horizons.


If you have any other questions and this page doesn’t cover it, feel free to drop me a line over here!

I have an idea for a project, how can we make it happen?

Great! The first thing to do is drop me a line, so we can chat about it. You can either drop by one of the days The Coop is open and talk about it in person, or drop me an email on the contacts page.


Next, we’ll chat about the project: what it needs, whether or not we have the resources to pull it off, brainstorm ways it might be refined and executed. We can’t accomodate everything sadly, but we do our best. If you’ve got an idea but you’re not sure how practical it is, let me help you! My job besides this is running a video game development studio, where I craft experiences for people and manage project timelines all day long – spinning concepts into finished works is pretty much my jam. If the idea is too big and too hard to make happen, a smaller concept that explores something similar may still come of it.


The next step is to do an artist callout if we need artists. I know writers, visual artists, actors, composers and coders, and my network is only getting bigger. We’ll put the word out, I’ll approach friends, and we’ll see what bites.


With the details finalised, we’ll schedule it. We’ll do our best to find a time that works for everyone.You can book crew meetings at The Coop, work days where you all come in and jam on the project, whatever work style suits you and the project best.


When it’s done, it’s done! You can launch it at The Coop if it’s that sort of project, throw a little shindig. We’ll share it proudly on our website and shout about it from the rooftops, but at the end of the day everything made through The Coop belongs to the artists who worked on it, we claim no rights to it!

I'm interested in joining a project, what's available?

You can head over to the Projects page to see what we’re both currently running and planning to run, and get in touch if you’d like to lend your talents! If there’s nothing there that interests you, head over to the Contacts page and drop me an email telling me what your skills are and what kinda stuff you’re interested in doing, and I’ll hook you up if something comes along.

Why Art?

I specify that I want this space to produce art because I don’t want entrepreneurs with a new messaging app idea coming in. I have money to float this space for a limited time, and I don’t want to use it to make products with cash flow projections, because that bores me. I want to use it to make art for art’s sake. Stuff I can look back on and say, “yeah, I’m really glad I had the opportunity to make that, that’s awesome.”

So what's the vibe, can I just drop in?

Yeah totally, as long as I’m in the doors will be open, so feel free to swing by to see what we’re working on, join in, work on your own stuff or just plain hang.

Why is the space called "The Coop"?

When I first inspected the joint there was a window pane missing, and some pigeons had clearly been living there. The floor was covered in feathers and they’d crapped everywhere too. Worse yet, I hear they weren’t even paying their rent. So I started calling the place the Pigeon Coop after them, and we just shortened it to The Coop since then.

What is your logo meant to be?

That little two-legged ‘p’ looking thing is called a pilcrow and is the formatting symbol for ‘paragraph break’. If you’ve ever written a poem in Word and turned on formatting symbols, you’ll see one after each and every line. It’s a linebreak in writing the same way the colon ‘;’ is a linebreak in coding.

Is there any way I can help?

There will be! For now, just get enthusiastic. Start thinking of ways we can use this space, cool events we could run, stuff you want to see come come out of it. Starting this thing up by myself is exhausting, your positive energy keeps me goin’!


I’ll take suggestions from anyone and everyone who has ideas about what they want this space to be, and what they want to see come out of it. Because I have to run this space, but it doesn’t have to be mine. I want it to be ours. For however long it lasts, I want this to be an opportunity for you to do something interesting and cool in Wollongong, working alongside myself and others, while I keep the cogs turning. I’m here to facilitate, not control. Moving forwards, that’s going to be the number one principle of this space. The core value every decision needs to answer to.

Adam Carr, the father of Linebreak Collective