Game Spotlight: The Yahwg

I love this game. Let me just start with that. It blends a variant choose-your-own adventure format with typical RPG stats that decide the outcome of certain actions.

The way this plays out is like this: you pick one of four characters (this doesn’t really appear to change anything but the art you encounter throughout the game, although maybe it does play into your base stats – I’m not sure). The game then gives you multiple ‘turns’ in which to play out your hero’s story in this little town. You choose a place to visit, and you’ll be presented with a mostly random (but not completely) event, where a situation will unfold and you’ll have two options as to how to respond to it. Choose well, and you might get a bonus to say, your body (strength) or magic. Choose poorly and you might get injured or embarrassed, losing you precious body or charisma points. Sometimes an action will fail catastrophically and often hilariously when your stats are too low to succeed at what you’ve attempted to do.


Before each turn you’re warned of an impending catastrophe – The Yahwg – which appears to be a storm that ravages the city. What happens to the town after the storm hits is entirely up to the way you’ve played.

So each playthrough will be a little bit different, and having looked through the game’s files it looks like there’s plenty of unique events and outcomes. What really keeps me intrigued in this game though is the chain events: sometimes the outcome of one ‘turn’ will set you on a path, that if you go to the right place in the next turn will continue. I still haven’t worked them all out yet! It’s a very cool approach to presenting the player with a dynamic story. You can play it with up to three other people too, all getting up to various mischief, and that’s always a lot of fun.

For bonus extra points, it also provides all of the art and story branches in unencrypted files. Meaning that, using the framework they’ve provided, you can replace all the art and write your OWN story that will work the same way. It all uses super easy to understand syntax too: [body++] for instance to denote gaining two points to the body stat. I spoke to the creator on twitter and he’s more than happy to have people get in there and make their own stuff, so when I get time I’d love to have a crack at that.

The Yahwg is available now on Steam and I’d heavily recommend getting it.

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